Creating a culinary legacy, the Big Harvest Potluck, and a recipe for Mom mom eggs

Five years ago, I met some of the best friends I have at small gathering of food bloggers in Bucks County, PA. That group has grown and blossomed, and every year some old and new friends return to the area to feed our brains, hearts, and appetites.

This year I had the privilege of speaking at The Big Harvest Potluck  about stack pie and creating a culinary legacy. Even though I treasure my heritage and family memories, I have no recipes handed down from the past. I have to count on the recollections of my childhood, the tastes and smells of the food that gave me comfort and a feeling of security and home.

One of my favorite smells and memories is breakfast cooking. My grandmother made breakfast for me every single weekend when I was a little girl. She awoke at 5:30am to cook eggs and bacon, every Saturday and Sunday, for all of my childhood. And that had a huge and profound impact on me. Someone was thinking about me and taking care of me before I even opened my eyes.

One day I asked her for her recipe for fried eggs, which made everyone chuckle. Of course she had no recipe; the technique had been ingrained in her probably since her childhood. But these eggs aren't just any eggs. And I'm here to share the recipe with you. In fact, Smitten Kitchen did a post on crispy eggs did a post a few weeks ago that looks absolutely amazing. So try them. And look for some other memories to create your own heritage and legacy to pass on.

The Recipe for Mom mom eggs

Fry some bacon in a cast iron skillet. Remove the bacon to drain on some paper towels. Leave the bacon grease in the pan. If you'd like to take some out, only take a bit. This is the basis for an amazing egg. Crack an egg right into the bacon grease. Watch it start to sizzle and bubble and become amazing. The crispy edges that emerge are perfection. Flip the egg if you like. Cook it to your desired doneness. Eat with buttered toast and bacon.