Circling back: my trip to Broughton Hospital, April 2014

Record at Broughton signifying Hannah died while a patient there.

My husband is a champ.  When I suggested we take the entire family to Western North Carolina for a week long spring break, he agreed without reservation.  I wanted to show him the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, explore Asheville, and share with him Spruce Pine and Bakersville in Mitchell County.  I also wanted to return to Broughton Hospital to show him where Hannah died.

But then I had an idea.  When I began my research on Hannah, I contacted Broughton (formerly known as Morganton State Hospital) for information regarding Hannah's time there.  I filled out some forms and soon received some information (albeit very little)  via mail about Hannah's stay.  I didn't learn much, but what I did learn was incredibly valuable to me.

But I still longed to see more.  So I contacted the librarian at Broughton, and she agreed to let me visit during our spring break in North Carolina.

Records closet at Broughton.

Let me say that from the time I arrived at the check-in desk for visitors and throughout my visit, I was treated with the utmost kindness and hospitality.  All the people I came into contact with showed me a great deal of empathy regarding Hannah, and even though I didn't discover much more, I was able to look through various record books and ledgers to see Hannah's information, diagnosis, and even some photos that allowed me to put a clearer picture with her time in Morganton.  The librarian allowed me to photograph freely as long as I respected the patients' confidentiality, past and present. 

Although I didn't discover more than I already knew, I feel like the photos I captured speak much louder than anything I could write.  So I'll allow them to exist on their own. 

Some of the staff at Broughton in 1924.

Correspondents book lists person of contact.  In Hannah's case, it was her father, DJ English.

The final entry.