The National Genealogical Society Conference: Final Thoughts

The week of the National Genealogical Society Conference flew by in a flash.  A whirlwind of speakers, networking, meeting new people from all over the country.  I came away with more knowledge and ideas than I ever dreamed.

Elissa Powell

Lori Thornton

Jeffrey Haines

John Colletta

Elizabeth Mills

Lisa Louise Cooke

All these people (and more) imparted such a sense of research and scholarship and--the best part--joy in the researching of clues about our ancestors and how they lived and died.  When I started researching my family tree, an entire new world and passion opened up for me.  After this conference, my world, appreciation, and research potential grew immensely.  I took so much away from this conference, and my hope is to continue to discover new facts with the integrity I saw in those around me this week.

So thank you, National Genealogical Society.  I appreciated this week so much.

National Genealogical Society Conference: All the Information You Ever Wanted and More

The lectures.  The speakers.  I had no idea the wealth and magnificent information I would receive.  Sometimes I have to flip a coin to see which lecture I should go to because there's not chance on earth I could reasonably pick which one could possibly be better.  So here are the highlights from Thursday.

  • North Carolina Research with Jeffrey Haines.  A wealth of information about the settling of North Carolina and how to obtain birth, marriage, and death records.  Also great information on probate and deed information in North Carolina.


  • Records of the Federal Courts, 1789-1911:  Drama in Your Ancestors' Lives with John Colletta.  One of the best speakers I've heard.  Wit, incredible research--I enjoyed his lecture so much I put another one on my calendar for today.


  • Find Living Relatives Like a Private Eye with Lisa Louise Cooke.  I actually popped into her lecture after the other lecture I wanted to hear was full, and I'm so glad I did.  A huge heart for genealogy and family stories, she told the story of looking for a long lost cousin to see if any old photos and documents existed.  And she found a treasure.


And the journey continues!